Grolies Registration Centre

 If you would like to register
to become a Groly please read
the following ‘Grol Knows’
VERY carefully.

Becoming a Groly requires
lots of dedication.


What are Grolies?

Humans who love Grolings and are willing to adopt them.
(If they can find one!)

What does a Groly do?

A Groly finds a Groling to adopt
then takes him or her on adventures.

What's a ‘Groly Grible’?

A ‘Groly Grible’ is the record of an adopted Groling's adventures.
It is also where Grolies record the number of ‘grols’ they’ve saved.

What are grols?

Grols are Groling Currency.
The numbr of grols a Groly saves,
determines his or her Groly status.

Can I adopt more than one Groling?

Ha, ha... REALLY?
You must be keen to ask this question!
Do you know how hard it is
to find a Groling to adopt?

If you can find more than one
you will be well on your way to
becoming a ‘Great Groly’.

What is a Great Groly?

Only 'THE' most dedicated
Groly on the planet!

If I find a Groling to adopt will it be grouplicated?

Yes, ALL adopted Grolings
have been grouplicated.

How can I be sure my adopted Groling is not a fake?

Every adopted Groling has a unique K.O.G. number.
(K.O.G. = Kingdom of Groling)
When you register your
Groling AFTER adoption,
your K.O.G. number
will enable you to earn grols.
If your registration has been
declined you’ve adopted
your Groling from a

Can I become a Groly?

Click on the leaf below.

Complete your application
and click the send button.

Check the ‘Seekers’ page regularly
for sighting grid reference details.

Alternatively, we will contact you
when a Groling is ready for human